What Python Creator Guido van Rossum Thinks About Rust

In a recent interview, Python creator Guido van Rossum was asked his thoughts on the new programming language Rust. Here’s what he had to say.

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What is Rust?

Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety.

What are the benefits of Rust?

Python’s creator, Guido van Rossum, recently spoke about the benefits of Rust compared to other languages. Here are some highlights:

– Rust is faster than Python
– Rust has better memory safety than Python
– Rust has “fearless concurrency”, meaning it is easier to write concurrent code in Rust than in Python
– Rust has better error handling than Python
– Rust is more expressive than Python

What does Guido van Rossum think about Rust?

In a recent blog post, Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python, shared his thoughts on the programming language Rust.

Van Rossum was impressed by Rust’s focus on safety and security, noting that “it is clear that the Rust team is taking software safety and security extremely seriously.” He also praised Rust’s ergonomics, saying that it “feels like a more modern language” than C++.

However, van Rossum did express some reservations about Rust, particularly its steep learning curve. He also suggested that the language might be better suited for system programming than application development.

Overall, van Rossum seems to be impressed with Rust and its potential as a safe and secure systems programming language.

Why did Guido van Rossum choose Python over Rust?

Guido van Rossum, the original creator of the Python programming language, recently said that he thinks Rust is “a great language” but that he would not use it to replace Python. In an interview with InfoWorld, van Rossum said that while he likes the safety and performance properties of Rust, Python is “good enough” for him.

What are the potential drawbacks of Rust?

In a recent interview, Python creator Guido van Rossum was asked about his thoughts on Rust, a new programming language that has been gaining popularity in recent years. He was quick to point out some of the potential drawbacks of Rust, including the fact that it is not as widely used as Python and that it has a steep learning curve.

How is Rust different from other programming languages?

While speaking at the first ever RustConf in Portland, Oregon, Python creator Guido van Rossum took some time to address the question on everyone’s mind: how is Rust different from other programming languages?

“I think the most important thing to understand about Rust is that it is focused on performance and safety,” van Rossum said. “It does not have garbage collection, which means that you have to manage memory manually. This can be challenging, but it can also lead to more efficient code.”

He went on to say that Rust also offers “strong static typing,” which can help programmers avoid some of the errors that can occur in dynamically typed languages like Python. “I think there is a lot of potential for Rust in systems programming, game development, and other areas where performance is critical,” he concluded.

What are the future prospects of Rust?

When asked about the opportunities that Rust presents, Guido had this to say:

“I see Rust as a potential successor to C++. It has a number of features that make it much more attractive for systems programming than Python will ever be, and its adoption seems to be growing rapidly.”

What are some of the best Rust resources?

When it comes to programming languages, Python creator Guido van Rossum has opinions aplenty. But when asked about Rust during aPython Language Summit keynote earlier this week, his response was decidedly muted.

“I don’t have strong feelings about Rust,” van Rossum said, before asking the assembled Pythonistas for some recommendations on resources for learning more about the language.

Rust is a system programming language sponsored by Mozilla that strives to offer better performance than C++ while maintaining “high levels of programming safety.”

What are some of the best Python resources?

On Stack Overflow, Python is one of the most popular languages, with more than 46,000 questions tagged. That’s greater than 1/4 of allquestions asked! In terms of pure question volume, it ranks 4th, behind only JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and SQL.

Which programming language is better – Rust or Python?

Guido van Rossum, the creator of the Python programming language, has given his verdict on Rust – and it’s not what many in the Rust community would want to hear.

In a post on the python-ideas mailing list (which is for discussions about Python), van Rossum said that, while he liked some things about Rust, he didn’t think it was ready to replace Python.

“I see people advocating Rust for systems programming, and for tasks where performance is critical. I don’t think these are good reasons to use Rust instead of Python,” he wrote.

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