How To Link A Javascript File To Html Page?

Linking a JavaScript file to an HTML page is a simple process. You just need to add a few lines of code to the HTML page.

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JavaScript is a programming language that can be included in an HTML page. When a user requests an HTML page with JavaScript in it, the script is sent to the browser and it’s up to the browser to do something with it.

What is a Javascript file?

A Javascript file is a text file containing code written in the Javascript programming language. This code can be run by a web browser or server to create interactive websites and web applications.

What is an HTML page?

An HTML page is a document written in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). It contains text, images, and other elements that display in a web browser. The code for an HTML page is written in html file and saved with the .html filename extension.When you open an HTML page in a web browser, the browser reads the HTML code and renders the page.

There are two ways to link a Javascript file to an HTML page. The first is to include the script in the HTML code itself, and the second is to separate the Javascript code into a separate file and link to it.

Including the script in the HTML code:

To include a Javascript file in your HTML code, you need to use the

This will load the Javascript file “filename.js” when the HTML page is loaded.

Separating the Javascript code into a separate file:
Javascript files are usually saved with a .js extension. To link to a .js file, simply use the same

Javascript is a programming language that can be used to add interactivity to web pages. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a markup language used to structure content for web pages. In order to add Javascript code to an HTML page, the code must be linked to the page using a